Why Children Catch More Colds Than Adults

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Colds are caused by viruses that attack the nose, sinuses, and throat. Studies reveal that young children often get up to eight to 10 colds per year before the age of two. These sicknesses are most common during the winter months when children spend more time indoors and in close contact with other kids.

This article will explore why children tend to catch more colds than adults and how to boost one’s immune system to resist cold viruses at any age.

Children’s Colds and Immune Systems

Just because a child contracts colds regularly doesn’t mean that his or her immune system is weak. It could also mean that the child is simply exposed to more cold viruses on a regular basis. Young children frequently catch colds from daycare because their immune systems have not yet been built up. This spreading phenomenon occurs when children or adults with colds touch other people or objects with their hands after sneezing or coughing on them or after wiping away mucous. But when those children are old enough to attend school, their immune systems can often fight off cold viruses more effectively.

Children feel miserable when they have a cold because they don’t understand why they feel sick or how to get better in the way that adults do. Babies also naturally breathe through their noses, which makes feeding times particularly difficult when their noses are stuffed up. Cold symptoms in children are frequently accompanied by fever, which can make other symptoms feel even worse. Several of PediaCare’s cough and cold remedies are recommend for children as young as four.

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Adults’ Colds and Immune Systems

By the time an individual reaches adulthood, the immune system has been exposed to many different viruses. Also, the average adult’s immune system is more well-developed than a child’s. Adults can often rely upon over-the-counter cold and cough medications to relieve their symptoms, and many OTC remedies have proven to be effective for adults.

Introducing the Body to Different Viruses

Although colds are very uncomfortable for young bodies to fight off, children’s immune systems typically become stronger with each cold they have. This is because the immune system begins to build up antibodies to fight off a new germ when it enters the body. But the unfortunate truth is that there are hundreds of different viruses in the world that can cause colds, so it is essentially impossible to become immune to each one of them.

Tips for Boosting Immunity

Regardless one’s age or level of immunity, there are effective ways to improve the immune system and prevent the onset of cold symptoms. Here are some tips for parents to help boost their children’s immune systems and prevent colds.

  1. Teach good hygiene practices to reduce germs
  2. Serve meals rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  3. Eliminate the child’s exposure to second-hand smoke
  4. Wash hands frequently throughout the day
  5. Exercise together as a family
  6. Make sure children are getting enough sleep
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Why Children Catch More Colds Than Adults

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