The Importance of Treating a Sore Throat Early in Toddlers

Little girl suffering from a cold in her bedroom

Kids love to talk, sing, and scream, but all of those things are a lot more painful when a sore throat strikes. Sore throats are often part of a cold or flu sickness that has many symptoms. It is also often an early warning sign of a more extensive sickness that is forming in a child’s body. A sore throat can also be a sign of a more serious condition that requires medical treatment.

This article will explain why it’s so important to treat a sore throat as early as possible to keep inflammation down and help control other emerging symptoms. Common treatments and popular sore throat remedies for toddlers will also be addressed.

Causes of Sore Throats

Sore throats usually occur because of a bacterial or viral infection. Group A streptococcus is a type of bacterium that causes strep throat, a contagious condition that is very common among school-age children in the winter and spring. Lots of different viruses can also cause sore throats, including influenza and the common cold. Viral infections are the most common cause of sore throats in toddlers.

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Sore Throats and Inflammation

Aside from bringing a child relief from the pain of a sore throat, it is important to treat sore throats in toddlers early to reduce inflammation. When the throat becomes inflamed, it is more difficult to swallow air through normal breathing and to eat foods.

Inflammation can be a warning sign that a child’s sore throat is more than just this one symptom. Inflamed tonsils could indicate tonsillitis or strep throat. Meanwhile, a virus can cause the area around the tonsils to become inflamed rather than the tonsils themselves.

Treatments for Sore Throat in Toddlers

In addition to pursuing treatments for a sore throat in toddlers early, parents can relieve pediatric sore throats with gentle medications and home remedies. Over-the-counter multi-symptom medicines for kids, such as PediaCare, target sore throat as one of many symptoms that a child is experiencing. Medications specially formulated for kids can also help with the pain and congestion associated with a sore throat.

It is recommended to seek medical attention if a child has difficulty breathing or swallowing with a sore throat or if the sore throat lasts more than a week.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat in Toddlers

There are many popular home remedies for sore throat in toddlers as well. It is very important for toddlers to stay well hydrated when they have a sore throat. Honey and lemon are great for sore throats because they ease congestion and soothe the inflamed area. For example, parents can try giving their kids over a year old a spoonful of honey to provide relief with a sweet flavor.

Parents may also want to teach school-age kids how to gargle with salt water and then spit it out to ease a sore throat. Another natural remedy that is good for kids with sore throats is drinking warm peppermint tea with no caffeine. And as with all sicknesses, it is crucial that children get extra rest and limit strenuous playtime to allow the body naturally heal itself and help the sore throat fade away.

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