• Gas Relief

Gas Relief

Let’s face it, everyone gets gas from time to time. But babies and toddlers are especially prone to gas as their bodies grow and as they try new foods. Gas causes little ones to become fussy and even have difficulty eating and napping. PediaCare’s gas relief solutions provide relief from bloating, gas, and constipation for even the tiniest of tummies.

Congenital Lactase Deficiency in Infants & Feeding Alternatives

Although it is a rare disorder, congenital lactase deficiency in infants is a condition that makes their bodies unable to break down the lactose contained in breastmilk or regular formula. Babies who cannot properly digest food they are given will often develop gas, abdominal pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Here is a discussion congenital lactase deficiency in infants and the…

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How Breastfeeding Mothers Can Prevent Infant Gas with Food

Breastfeeding is one of the healthiest things that a mother can do for her baby because breastmilk is packed with nutrition. However, the nutritional value of breastmilk may be influenced by the foods that a mother eats after giving birth. This means that the foods that a mother eats could affect how her baby feels, especially in terms gas and…

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