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Gas Relief

Let’s face it, everyone gets gas from time to time. But babies and toddlers are especially prone to gas as their bodies grow and as they try new foods. Gas causes little ones to become fussy and even have difficulty eating and napping. PediaCare’s gas relief solutions provide relief from bloating, gas, and constipation for even the tiniest of tummies.

When Parents Should Be Concerned About Strong Gas Odors

It is very normal for toddlers to pass gas much like adults do on a daily basis, especially after meals. However, an excess of gas or strong odors could be signs of constipation or another issue with the child’s gastrointestinal system. This article will explore why extreme gassiness or gas with an unusually strong odor could be symptoms of constipation…

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How to Treat Excessive Gas in Toddler Aged Children

By the time that children reach the toddler stage, belching and flatulence may be some of the funniest things in the world! But gas pain is no laughing matter at any age, and it’s a very common occurrence in kids between two and four. This article discusses whether it’s normal to see excessive gas in toddler aged children and some…

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Newborn Burping: What Are The Best Practices for Burping a Newborn?

Coming home with a new baby presents many challenges for new parents, but one of the biggest ones is properly burping a newborn. There is a bit of art and science to burping a newborn, but this is an important skill to learn in order to relieve gas and help a baby feel more comfortable. This article describes the best…

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How to Prevent Gas in Bottle-Fed Babies

Gas is very common among babies, regardless of how and what they are fed. However, babies who feed from bottles may experience more gas and discomfort after feeding than their breastfed peers. This article contains information about how parents can help prevent gas and symptoms of bloating while bottle-feeding their babies. Why Bottle Feeding Causes Gas in Babies Bottle feeding…

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Why Babies Get Gas and How Parents Can Help

Regardless of age, gas is a natural and normal part of life. But babies tend to develop gas very often in the first few months. During the first three months of life, a baby’s gastrointestinal organs are developing and maturing. Gas is also very common in children between six and twelve months of age because this is when they are…

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