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Gas Relief

Let’s face it, everyone gets gas from time to time. But babies and toddlers are especially prone to gas as their bodies grow and as they try new foods. Gas causes little ones to become fussy and even have difficulty eating and napping. PediaCare’s gas relief solutions provide relief from bloating, gas, and constipation for even the tiniest of tummies.

Baby Probiotics: Are They Safe & How Can They Help?

Probiotics are among the most popular supplements taken by adults today, as more people continue to learn about of the benefits of having enough good bacteria in their systems to counter the bad bacteria. But an increasing number of foods and products for babies now have probiotics in them too, leading parents to wonder if baby probiotics are safe and…

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Differences Between Gas and Colic in Babies & Why Their Symptoms Are Easily Confused

There are few things more concerning or frustrating to new parents than a baby who won’t stop crying. Babies have not yet developed communication skills to tell parents what’s wrong, so it’s up to the parents to determine the most effective ways to soothe their children. Two common reasons for baby non-stop crying are colic and gas, and these conditions…

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How Parents Can Try Ginger for Natural Gas Relief in Children

Babies and toddlers frequently experience gas, which is totally normal and even healthy. However, too much gas can make kids uncomfortable, cranky, and even in pain. Before seeing a doctor or using prescription medications, many parents are interested in trying natural gas relief remedies first. One of the best natural remedies for gas is ginger, which has been used for…

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Foods and Diet Patterns That Cause Gas in Children

Gas is very common in babies and toddlers, and this is a very normal part of the digestion process. However, too much burping and flatulence can cause bloating, pain, and discomfort. The foods that a child eats can lead to excess gas, so it’s important that parents understand which foods can cause gas and how much to feed their children…

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How Common is Teething Gas Pain in Babies

The process of teething typically occurs between four to seven months in babies, and these tiny teeth will continue to grow until about the age of two. However, some babies start developing teeth as young as three months, and others not until they’re a year old. Teething can be very painful and unsettling for babies and result in unexpected side…

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