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Gas Relief

Let’s face it, everyone gets gas from time to time. But babies and toddlers are especially prone to gas as their bodies grow and as they try new foods. Gas causes little ones to become fussy and even have difficulty eating and napping. PediaCare’s gas relief solutions provide relief from bloating, gas, and constipation for even the tiniest of tummies.

Baby Constipation: What Parents Need to Know

Constipation is something that happens to nearly everyone at some time in life, but it’s especially common among babies and toddlers. It is very important to monitor a little one’s bowel movements because they are good indicators of a child’s overall health. The color, texture, and consistency of a baby’s poop can actually help parents and pediatricians diagnose minor issues…

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How Do I Know If My Baby Has Gas Pain or Something Else?

Determining what’s wrong with a baby can be very challenging before the little one is able to communicate in words about feelings and pain. Gas can be very painful for babies, but the signs a baby has gas can mirror other conditions as well. Yet it’s important to diagnose the cause of your baby’s discomfort to treat the right condition.…

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Hyperlactation Syndrome and How It Causes Gas in Babies

Many new moms have trouble producing enough breastmilk to feed their babies and keeping up with daily breastfeeding demands. But other women have the exact opposite problem, which is known as hyperlactation syndrome. This is a condition in which a woman’s body produces more breastmilk than normal, and this affects both the mom and the baby in different ways. This…

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Newborn Gas at Night: Causes and How to Relieve Baby’s Tummy

Excess gas is a major problem with babies, and it only seems to get worse at night. Many new parents find that their babies are especially gassy in the evenings and overnight hours, no matter how many burping sessions are attempted. Newborn gas at night often means that babies won’t settle for several hours after the last feeding of the…

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Benefits of a Baby Massage & How to Massage Your Baby

Many adults rely upon massages to relieve bodily tension, to relax the mind, and to sooth common ailments. However, adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the healing powers of massage. Baby massage is a useful technique for a wide variety of infant conditions, such as colic, gas, and a weakened immune system. There are definitely right ways…

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