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When possible, please use your child's weight for dosing:

sore throat
runny nose
stuffy nose
minor aches and pains
itchy/watery eyes
itchy nose/throat
body aches/pains
chest congestion

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Multi-Symptom Cold Plus Acetaminophen
Cough & Runny Nose Plus Acetaminophen
Cough & Congestion
Daytime Multi-Symptom Cold
Flu Plus Acetaminophen
Nighttime Multi-Symptom Cold
Cough & Sore Throat Plus Acetaminophen

Infants Acetaminophen Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever
Children Acetaminophen Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever
Smooth Melts™ Acetaminophen Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever
Infants IB Ibuprofen Pain Reliever / Fever Reducer
Children IB Ibuprofen Pain Reliever / Fever Reducer

Children Allergy
Children's 24-Hour Allergy

Gentle Vapors® Plug-In Unit & Refills

Infants Gas Relief Drops